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Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in Grand Jury Subpoena, Testimony

Who knows that I am testifying?

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Grand jury proceedings are secret and prosecutors, court reporters and personnel, as well as the jurors themselves, operate under rules of strict secrecy.  There are, however, circumstances under which grand jury information may be disclosed, if ordered by a court.  In addition, depending on the jurisdiction, the rules about grand jury secrecy may be breached rather than observed.  While prosecutors normally don’t release items such as grand jury transcripts to anyone,  any criminal investigation gathers information from a number of sources, and the prosecutor is not necessarily under a legal obligation to observe confidentiality with all of them.  There is usually no prohibition against witnesses before the grand jury disclosing information about questions and answers they may have provided in their grand jury testimony.  When there are multiple subject or targets of a grand jury investigation, it is not uncommon for the defense attorneys who represent these subjects and targets to enter into an agreement to keep each other informed about their interactions with the government including and activities their clients may have been privy to in connection with there grand jury appearances.  Sometimes these defense counsel are not as careful about grand jury disclosure prohibitions because the duty of grand jury secrecy does not apply to them.