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Posted by on Feb 5, 2017 in Featured

How do I verify the authenticity of a grand jury subpoena?

There have been recent reports of scammers who target victims by claiming that because they had received a grand jury subpoena  that they did not respond to, they were required to pay a fine.  The most recent instance of this was reported by the FBI in Houston.

How do you know whether a grand jury subpoena is legitimate?

1) Although there are exceptions, a grand jury subpoena has to be served personally.  Typically a grand jury subpoena is served by an agent or police officer who will offer you a proper introduction as well as identification.

2) After you receive your subpoena, review it.  It is usually issued by a court clerk and it is usually signed by the prosecutor.  It will have a time, date, place and will specify whether corporate documents or testimony is being sought. Usually the prosecutor’s contact information will be included although sometimes a prosecutor will instruct in writing that the recipient of the subpoena respond to an investigative agency or staff member.

3) Refer it to your attorney for follow-up.  Your attorney likely has seen grand jury subpoenas before and will review the subpoena for authenticity.  As part of the subpoena compliance process, your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor regarding  scope, timing, terms, procedures and under what conditions.

Don’t have an attorney?  No problem, we will be happy to help answer your questions.  Just call (888) 486-3337.