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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Grand Jury Subpoena

Can I find out what a grand jury investigation is about?

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Brad Geyer

Brad Geyer

The short answer is that you can’t.  The information occurring before a grand jury is secret and government representatives are under strict restrictions about if, how and what they can disclose about the investigations they are working on.  In a white collar case, the lawyers typically enter into a joint defense agreement in which they define how and when they disclose information to each other.  So, if there is a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys involved, some information will get exchanged.  Some subjects of grand jury investigations sponsor “grand jury watches” and they can be effective at determining who has testified if not what they testified about.  Ask your counsel if in your matter a grand jury watch is likely to be encountered and get it addressed with the prosecution team.  Sometimes for a variety of reasons, one or more witnesses before a grand jury will share information and occasionally, particularly in the case of investigations that involve the public interest, they will share information with members of the media.  If you have concerns about maintaining your confidentiality you should discuss this with your attorney or with the prosecutor assigned so that you can understand the circumstances under which your testimony may be disclosed.