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FormerFeds LLC

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What we do

FormerFeds LLC provides an array of non-legal services that businesses need to be successful in the international business community.  Organized around the principle that former US government executives bring unique experience to the international business community, FormerFeds LLC provides its services and solutions with key deliverables in mind.  Whether it is providing services to companies and law firms that require website or marketing assistance, import export expertise, logistics assistance, or that require assistance in coordinating a cross-disciplinary team of FormerFed experts in an array of disciplines, we are here to help you achieve success.

FormerFedsCompliance™ is also a leading provider of compliance software and audit services to the private sector through the guidance and expertise of inside and outside legal counsel.  FormerFedsCompliance™ combines technical excellence with professional experience to implement the best audit, compliance and risk management solutions for businesses worldwide.

Our background

FormerFeds LLC was formed in 2010 behind the organizing principal that prior federal public service is predictive of effectiveness and future career success and that “FormerFeds” – former federal agents, auditors and prosecutors – share common values, characteristics and expertise that benefit employers and clients.  Increasingly, as the modern world focuses on reducing, controlling and mitigating risk, nowhere is the private sector provided with a greater value proposition than when it is provided with the opportunity to HireFormerFeds™.

Through its flagship compliance system offering – PerfectShield™ – FormerFedsCompliance™ delivers the technology and functionality of a state of the art compliance identification, notification and tracking system to all levels of your organization through the stewardship of your inside counsel or outside law firm.

Compliance Culture

Federal employees receive training from a virtually unlimited budget that focuses not only on their areas of expertise and competencies, but they also receive mandatory training regarding ethics, hiring practices, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy and a host of other “red flags” that embeds within the federal employee a compliance mindset that reduces the risk to a private sector company that a potential hire will generate legal exposure.

Drawing upon this fully developed American federal enforcement compliance culture for inspiration,    FormerFedsCompliance™ has brought together a unique combination of specialist audit services and state-of-the-art audit software to address the ever increasing regulations and legislation facing businesses today.

Based in New Jersey, FormerFedsCompliance™ is one of the county’s leading compliance consultancies working with a team of highly qualified and accredited personnel.  FormerFedsCompliance’s™ compliance system and compliance services is implemented at the cradle stage of business development and, as it becomes more seamless, it reinforces and protects your systems while it makes them more efficient and profitable have become integral to the success of public and private companies both locally and internationally.

FormerFeds LLC  may be the only consulting firm in the country that relies only on attorneys for legal advice that have federal prosecutorial experience.  Our consulting and compliance teams that we rely on for legal support are attorneys cherry picked from multiple law firms who have collectively tried federal multiple major criminal and civil antitrust cases.  Together they have the experience to know what your rights are and they know the right questions to ask to assist you in assessing your risks.  They know how to gauge and mitigate risk and they know how to get your product to market, with all the expert support you need, in record time.