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GrandJurySubpoena.Com is intended for public discussion of issues related to the grand jury subpoenas, inspector general subpoenas, search warrants, other forms of compulsory process and related topics.  FormerFeds LLC is not comprised of attorneys and it does not provide legal advice.   Indeed, if you have a legal question, the only advice we have is that you contact an attorney, perhaps one or more of the attorneys who occasionally contribute to this site.  You should not use GrandJurySubpoena.Com as a substitute for specific, fact-based legal advice as to any legal issue.  The topics discussed on GrandJueySubpoena.Com  do not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by visiting GrabdJurySubpoena.Com, by leaving comments on this site, or by emailing FormerFeds LLC.  If you do contact FormerFeds LLC via e-mail or otherwise, no assurance is given that receipt of your information will be secure or treated as confidential.  This is a website managed by FormerFeds LLC.